emergency tree removal raleigh

Do You Need Emergency Tree Service?

It is important that you phone an emergency for tree removal service after it’s fallen down on your property. The tree poses risk to the health and safety of your family and to your home, but also to the health of the other trees and vegetation on your property. It is a dangerous situation whenever a tree falls down on your property. Emergency tree service is available around the clock, providing on-the-spot service when an accident occurs.

Why Do Trees Fall?

emergency tree removal raleigh

Trees fall for any number of reasons and can do so day or night, hot weather or when snow is on the ground or rain is falling from the sky. Sometimes it is the age and health of the tree that causes it to fall. An older tree that is rotten, filled with termites, etc. is a danger on any property. Most frequently, trees fall due to weather-related causes, whether it is strong winds, thunderstorms, or even tornadoes.

Is it an Emergency?

When a tree falls on your property, it is an emergency, just as it is a risky situation if the tree falls on power lines, on a person, or on vehicles. It is not hard to determine when you have a tree emergency. So, if a tree has fallen on your property and caused concern, call a pro to schedule emergency tree removal raleigh.

Tree Removal Costs

Costs of tree removal vary from one company and job to another. Quotes are available, and while you may want only to get the tree removed so you can get on with life, it is essential to request three to four before you hire to ensure that you don’t spend more for service than necessary. Factors that affect the costs to remove the tree include the time of the year, the size of the tree, tree location, etc.