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The Many Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo has many more benefits than simply making us think of cute pandas, and it’s actually a very versatile building tool. It was used by the dynasties of China to build tree houses, paper, books, floors, and furniture.

In fact, much like how every part of the buffalo was used by Native American tribes, many Asian groups use every part of the bamboo plant, ensuring that none of it goes to waste.  

Bamboo is extremely fast growing and is relatively plentiful when planted. Although it is lightweight it is stronger that wood and steel alloys, and several products can be made completely from bamboo. These include bamboo fencing Tampa, mats, clothing, and even beer! Other uses include bamboo weapons for martial arts, and even musical instruments such as flutes and other woodwinds.

Unlike wood, bamboo is not only resistant to rot and termites, but also matures and grows faster than traditional trees. In addition, the items made from bamboo are also completely biodegradable and can help reduce waste products. If everyone bought bamboo toilet paper, toothbrushes, and electronic devices, then we’d make a big impact on saving the earth.

bamboo fencing Tampa

Bamboo shoots are also edible by humans, and eating the shoots that pop up beside the rapidly growing plant can help bolster our immune system. It can also help fight inflammation, and fill our systems with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Since people have been eating the shoots since the ancient dynasties of old China, it seems that the benefits are well known.

However, do keep in mind that not all type of shoots are edible, and most need to be boiled or soaked in water overnight. Some will contain cyanide, and the boiling or soaking process takes it out and makes them safe for human consumption.